In this bundle of videos you will find a range of listening tasks suitable for intermediate and advanced speakers of English.

These include videos of me speaking directly to you and videos of speakers with different British accents speaking to each other.

Videos include:

– Me reading out detailed facts about the natural world, giving you road directions, spelling out names and giving telephone numbers;

– A BBC radio DJ with a strong Manchester accent;

– An interview between a TV chef and a journalist about money;

– An interview between a speaker with a strong Essex accent and a speaker with an RP accent

– A formal meeting between a group of journalists and members of the British Parliament (this is an excellent example of how the British argue in a polite way);

– & more

There are tasks for you to complete as you listen to the videos and I also give you the answers to these tasks. These tasks include listening for specific information, answering questions about what the speakers have said, understanding what speakers have implied, and predicting what a speaker was trying to say when they got muddled up (it happens to us all!).