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Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing an essay? No idea where to begin or how to get the grade you really want?

Let me help.

How to Write a Brilliant Essay is your guide to the art of excellent essay writing. In it, I take you step by step through the whole process, including:

  • selecting your question (not as easy as you might think!),
  • making and organising your notes,
  • drafting, editing and proofreading,
  • accurately referencing your sources
  • and adding that top level polish that will get you the mark you really want.

It also includes a guide to writing with over 70 useful phrases that will help you structure your essay, a thorough guide to all types of referencing – from traditional textbooks, to podcasts and everything in between, and a guide to the mark scheme of top level UK universities so you understand exactly what your examiner is looking for.