3 hours. 180 minutes. It’s a lot of time. Think about what you could do with that time if you really focussed on a result. Now think about spending that time with a specialist whose focus is professional and academic English.

Three intensive, focussed hours is a lot of time. You could:

– really develop your spoken clarity and confidence so you can give that presentation, approach that prospective client, apply for that higher paying job, and more

– you could finally turn a corner with some tricky pronunciation and find your true English voice

– you could work intensively on an essay or presentation so you get the grades you deserve

– you could prepare for the interview for your dream job by crafting and rehearsing the answers that will open the door to your new career

– and so much more

Until next Friday 3rd December I am offering 3 x 1 hour one-to-one classes over Zoom at a time that fits your busy schedule for only £99.

You can take these lessons at any point between the day you book them and the 17th December 2021.