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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

Words with “oo” spelling (Copy1707760181)

Generally speaking, the challenge with words with “oo” spelling is remembering which vowel the letters correspond to in different words. These videos go through how to create the sounds and give you lists of words to learn.

Words with “oo” spelling:


boom, boost, choose, cuckoo, food, groove, loop, loose, mood, moon, proof, shoot, smooch, smooth, spook, spoon, too, tooth, zoo


cook, good, hood, look, shook, stood, wood, wool

STRUT: blood, flood

THOUGHT: door, poor, floor

GOAT: brooch

Sentences to practise:

  1. This is good food and it’s given me a boost.
  2. I didn’t choose to wear this wool hood.
  3. A blood moon is where the moon appears red.
  4. There is no proof the cook could run the kitchen smoothly.
  5. Is it possible to choose to be in a good mood?
  6. I was spooked by the way the floor shook.
  7. I took my son to the dentist so he could look at his tooth.
  8. The goose ate the food that the footman had left by the door.
  9. It’s too late to go to the zoo. It will be too dark to look.
  10. Look out the window if you want proof!