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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


This daily lesson looks at /w/ as a sound on its own and in clusters/blends.

This first video looks at /w/ as a single sound:

These are the words and sentences from the first video:

/w/ at the beginning of words:

one, wait, walk, wall, want
warm, was, wash, watch
we, wear, web
weeds, week
wide, wife
wild, wind, wings
wish, wolf
words, work
world, worm

/w/ at the beginning of words in sentences from video 1:

  1. I like to walk to work at least three days each week.
  2. This was a world away from what I imagined.
  3. It would be strange to watch and do nothing.
  4. The worm ate its way through the wild strawberries.
  5. He wanted to wait a little while longer.

/w/ in the middle of words :


/w/ in the middle of words in sentences:

  1. Don’t worry. Someone will have seen it somewhere around here.
  2. Are you aware of how loud you are? Please just go away.
  3. Try to walk towards me rather than backwards.
  4. Will the team be wearing their home or away kit?
  5. I was awoken to the sound of ducks quacking and birds singing.

/w/ in blends/clusters:

/w/ in clusters/blends at the beginning of words:

choir, queen
quack, quick, quiet
quilt, quarter
question, quit
sweet, swat, swish
tweet, twist

/w/ in clusters blends in sentences:

  1. I have a question: which is the Queen’s favourite sweet?
  2. I’ll be awake in a quarter of an hour.
  3. Chasing twisters is my new hobby and I never intend to quit.
  4. The birds tweeted quietly.
  5. The fox knew he’d need to be both quiet and quick if he was going to catch one.

/w/ in clusters/blends in the middle of single words:

language, awkward
liquid, walkway
equal, likewise
frequent, require

/w/ in clusters/blends in the middle of words in sentences:

  1. Speaking a new language can feel slightly awkward.
  2. The amount of liquid in the two jars wasn’t equal.
  3. To do my best work, I require frequent cups of tea.
  4. He told me he felt likewise.
  5. The walkway at the edge of the cliff feels dangerous.