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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


/v/ is:

  • labiodental (made with the upper lip touching the lower teeth),  
  • Voiced (there is vibration in the throat),
  • Fricative (you can make this sound for as long as you need to).

The words and sentences from the video:

/v/ at the beginning of words:

vest, van, vine, vote, vet, vase
vacuum, valley, vampire
vowels, visor, visit, village
violet, volcano, vegetables
volleyball, violin, voice
vain, vault, vanilla
video, view, vent

v at the start of words in sentences:

  1. The vets voted for a change to the visting times.
  2. The van driver is very vain.
  3. Villages are often built in the valleys under volcanos.
  4. Violet videoed herself playing the violin.
  5. The visitor viewed the vegetable gardens.

/v/ in the middle of words:

driveway, shaving, seven
carnival, envelope, beaver
seventy, travel, beverage
heavy, driver, clover
diver, cover, heaven
advice, shiver, river
mover, even, gravy
invite, Levi’s
level, over

/v/ in the middle of words in sentences:

  1. The carnival was in town for seventeen days.
  2. David found a place in the other side of the river that was like heaven.
  3. After traveling all that way, I crashed on the driveway.
  4. The best advice I’ve ever received? Levi’s are too expensive!
  5. I was shivering so got seven more covers for the bed.

/v/ at the ends of words:

glove, sleeve, olive, dove
cave, love, five, beehive
brave, drive, give
move, save, stove
wave, above, forgive
dive, remove, shave
cursive, receive
expensive, creative, talkative

/v/ at the ends of words in sentences:

  1. Five bees flew out of the hive.
  2. The thieves removed the expensive olive groves.
  3. Forgive me, I wasn’t brave enough.
  4. There’s a gap between the end of my sleeves and my gloves.
  5. I’m a creative person and I like to dive into new projects.

/v/ in different positions in sentences:

1. I’m sure there’s a vampire living at the top of the valley.
2. Vanilla is my favourite flavour ice-cream.
3. The vault contained the secrets to the very meaning of love.
4. Doves are a symbol of peace.
5. Eating vegetables each day gives you life.
6. It’s time to remove the vines from the veranda.
7. Vera and Violet travel together very often.
8. Although travel can be expensive, it’s very good for discovering worlds with different viewpoints.
9. My neighbours are very talkative so I don’t visit them often.
10. I was above my friends and waved down at them.