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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

uː (GOOSE) (Copy1707760062)

The GOOSE vowel /uː/ is the long, back, rounded monophthong. It may have a very small amount of movement in it, particularly before L in words like SCHOOL, RULE or FOOL but you should aim to keep the sound as steady as you can.

If you are finding it difficult to make the sound different enough from FOOT, there’s another video that will help you.

Common words with GOOSE:

to, you, do, who, into, two, use, new, too, through, school, student, few, group, move, room, lose, include, community, news, continue, university, food, including, human, music, use, value, movie, view, choose

Sentences with common GOOSE words:

  1. Many students choose to go to university after they’ve finished school.
  2. The two groups are new to the community.
  3. Who has used the blue toothbrush?
  4. The newsroom includes food for the humans to use.
  5. Moviemakers continue to value – and use – music.
  6. I’m asking you. Do YOU really want to lose the view from this room?
  7. A few new groups of students moved through the rooms.
  8. Which movie will you choose to view?