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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

TH – voiceless

Today’s task is to focus in detail on TH without voicing. The video includes single words and full sentences. These are also written below the video.

Words and sentences included in the video:

TH at the beginning of words and in sentences:

thorn, thin, think
thunder, thousand
thirsty, thief
theater, thermos
thaw, thing, thread
thoughtful, three
thick, thumb, thigh
third, thank you
thirty, thirteen
therapy, Thursday, thimble

  1. There was an thrilling thread I read about thunderstorms.
  2. They say the number thirteen is unlucky. I don’t think that’s true though.
  3. The three theatre-goers met each Thursday.
  4. If Thea had been more thoughtful then I wouldn’t have been in therapy for years.
  5. There are a thousand reasons why this might be the best thing ever.

TH in the middle of words and in sentences:

author, bathtub
toothache, toothbrush
python, marathon
healthy, truthful
wealthy, athlete
bathrobe, panther
toothpaste, birthday
something, pathway, toothpick

  1. The author loved to read in the bathtub.
  2. It’s not healthy to eat pythons.
  3. Something strange happened at the wealthy athlete’s birthday party
  4. Yet again, I have got toothpaste on my bathrobe.
  5. If only my brother was more truthful.

TH at the end of words and in sentences:

cloth, moth, tooth
fifth, beneath, path
month, wreath, booth
broth, ninth, tenth
breath, bath, earth
mouth, teeth, youth
north, strength, south
oath, truth, both
eighth, Ruth

  1. Ruth was devastated to discover the moth damage to her clothes.
  2. I am definitely telling the truth, I swore so on oath.
  3. The dentist told me to open my mouth wider so he could look at my teeth.
  4. I was finally successful after either the eighth, ninth or tenth try.
  5. It takes great strength to leave the south and take the less trodden path north.