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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

TH – voiced

This sound can be produced in two different ways – voiced and voiceless. I’ll explain these terms in the video.

This lesson focuses on TH as a voiced sound.

The words and sentences from the video:

that, than, the
they, their, them
these, they’d, they’ll
they’re, they’ve
this, those, though
themselves, therefore
thee, thy
thou, therein

The sentences:

  1. Those clues revealed the thieves’ plans.
  2. They’ve got everything they need therefore I doubt we’ll see them again.
  3. They were faster than me in the race.
  4. This is one of those situations where it could go either way.
  5. They need to think about themselves before they do this.

TH – voiced in the middle of single words:

feather, weather, together
bathing, father, mother
clothing, clothes
brother, weatherman
either, gather
other, worthy
another, rather
soothing, smoothest
leather, tether

TH – voiced in the middle of single words in sentences:

  1. Rather than blaming weathermen for sometimes getting things wrong, just take more clothes.
  2. Either we go together today, or we’ll go another day.
  3. Other than saying soothing words, there’s not a lot of comfort I can offer.
  4. I gather you’d like to meet either Elizabeth or Catherine.
  5. My father and my mother were at the end of their tether with my brother.