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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

TH – mixed sentences

Your final task with TH is here. This video is a mix of sentences that contain a mixture of voiced and voiceless TH sounds. The sentnces are also written below.

  1. My mother used to prepare a healthy broth for us each Thursday.
  2. Although the athletes were much fitter and healthier than most other people, they still had to work on their strength.
  3. My father only started running marathons in his late thirties.
  4. The most thoughful thing anyone had ever done for me was bring me a thermos flask full of tea.
  5. Rather than going south as instructed, my brother went north and therefore was two hours late.
  6. It’s my birthday on Thursday – did you know that?
  7. A fifth of respondents reported that bathing in icy water made them feel more energised. Four fifths said it just made them feel cold.
  8. Something always comes up – so think through your time carefully.
  9. It’s thirsty work all this thinking.
  10. Take a breather – you’re overthinking this.