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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

Introduction to plosives (stops) (p/b, t/d, k/g)

This video is especially useful for Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Arabic speakers.

The crucial difference (and therefore challenge) in these pairs is making sure that the voiceless sound in the pair is aspirated. This means making sure a puff of air is released after the plosive sound. I explain this fully in this video and give examples. The examples I use are in the subtitles of the vidoe and also below it.

peat / beat
pie / buy
port / bought
pit / bit
ten / den
tan / Dan
town / down
teal / deal
call / gall
came / game
card / guard
core / gore

  1. Please go the the market and buy me a pie.
  2. Dan came back from holiday with a great tan.
  3. Go down to the end of Town Street and turn right.
  4. Can you call the team so we can start the game.
  5. The guards were playing cards.