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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


/p/ is

  •  Bilabial (made with the lips),
  •  Voiceless (no vibration in the throat),
  •  Plosive (makes a complete stop to the flow of air).

It is important to release a puff of air after this sound.

This video explains how to make the sound and gives you common words and sentences to practise.

Most common words that start with /p/:

pain, pants, paper, parent, park, part, partner, party, pass, pay, people, perfect, perhaps, person, personal, pick, picture, pie, piece, pig, pizza, point, poor, pop, possible, power, pull, push, put.

place, plan, play, please, police, pleasure, plus
pregnant, prepare, present, president, pretend, pretty, probably, problem, professor, promise, proud, prove.

Sentences to practise:

  1. The people went to the park for a party.
  2. Please use a paper plate.
  3. I took a picture of the pretty place.
  4. Perhaps it’s possible to eat just one piece of pizza.
  5. The professor pretended there was no problem.
  6. I picked the perfect present.
  7. I promise to push the person to the right place.
  8. The police officer said it was possible.
  9. There’s no point in taking a picture.
  10. The poor president lost his pie.