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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

/ɒ/ and /ɔː/ LOT & THOUGHT

Lots of you find getting the difference between this pair right difficult. This video gives lots of practise with this pair.


LOT is short, rounded and low back. You must make sure it is short enough.

THOUGHT is long, rounded and mid back. You must make sure the sound is flat – it’s not moving like a diphthong does.

If you still find each of these sounds hard individually, spend more time getting them right before you do the work in this video.

Here’s your video. The words and sentences are below it.

LOT and THOUGHT vowels

LOT: of, off, on, not, what, from, want, because, problem, lot, job, stop, long, watch, follow, often, body, probably, office, policy, sorry, offer, across, college, possible, wrong, strong, model, along, project, economic, cost

THOUGHT: for, or, your, all, more, also, call, talk, always, story, before, small, law, war, water, important, four, already, almost, before, morning, course, walk, door, court, fall, although, force, according, report, support, record, former, toward, form, cause, yourself, daughter

Some pairs:

across / also

because / cause

from / form

model / more

on / or

strong / story

top / talk

want / water

Identify the vowels:

  1. According / Across / Along / All / Almost / Already / Although / Always / Also
  2. Before / Because / Body
  3. Call / Cause / College / Cost / Course / Court
  4. Daughter / Door
  5. Economic
  6. Fall / Follow / Force / Form / Former / Four / From / For
  7. Important
  8. Job
  9. Law / Long / Lot
  10. Model / More / Morning
  11. Not
  12. Offer / Office / Of / On / Or
  13. Policy / Possible / Problem / Project
  14. Record / Report
  15. Small / Sorry / Stop / Story / Strong / Support
  16. Talk / / Top / Toward
  17. Want / War / Water / What / Wrong
  18. Your / Yourself


  1. The high economic cost was already a concern.
  2. I always watch the clock closely during the course.
  3. It’s not the right time to talk about it.
  4. The model is strong, modern, and efficient.
  5. She always follows the company policy strictly.
  6. A lot can be learned from college, especially during the morning classes.
  7. Sorry for the mistake I made before.
  8. She has an important job in the court.
  9. It’s probably your daughter’s best offer.
  10. I want to stop the economic project for good.