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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

/iː/ and /ɪ/ Long and short vowels (FLEECE and KIT) (Copy1707760382)

Vowel length, especially in this pair, can be challenging.

If you’re not familiar with (Fleece and Kit), I will explain this to you during our vowels week.

The full words lists and sentences that appear in the videos are also written below.

Short vowel /ɪ/ in single words:

bib, kick, lick, pick, sick
did, hid, kid, lid
big, dig, pig
hill, pill, still, grill
him, in, grin, fin, pin, win
hip, lip, rip, sip, tip, zip
kiss, hiss, miss,
it, bit, sit
give, live, is
incredible, its, idiom, indifferent, if
ignorant, ignore,
ill, illustrate
imitate, instructions
inside, instrument
instigate, interrogate
inquire, irritate, instant

Short vowel /ɪ/ in sentences:

  1. The way he kicks the ball is incredible.
  2. Jim was irritated at the idea of giving gifts.
  3. It’s important to illustrate your points properly.
  4. I picked up the skill from my sister.
  5. If you ignore this, you’ll find it easier to live with.

Long vowel /i/ in single words:

beep, deep, keep, leap,
team, cream, dream, seem, stream
eat, beat, feet, greet, heat, meet, neat, seat, treat,
beak, leak, peak, seek, weak
peel, steal, deal, feel, heel, meal, kneel, seal
bean, jeans, mean, seen
peace, geese,
emu, easy, even

Long vowel /i/ in full sentences:

  1. Even though I’m still eating my main meal, I can see the ice cream.
  2. I hate leaving the sea behind and going home.
  3. The way she creeped up on the dear was so mean.
  4. Peter cleaned his feet in the stream.
  5. They were the dream team and beat all the other teams.

Mixed sentences (has both short and long vowels):

  1. I couldn’t wait to lick the ice-cream.
  2. “Instructions for a Heatwave” is one of my favourite books.
  3. The team were incredible – they beat everyone else in the league.
  4. Tim and Matilda were eating their dinner.
  5. Ignoring symtoms can mean you miss serious illness.
  6. Running up hills is fun, apparently.
  7. We struck an incredible deal.
  8. Feeling the kisses of mum made the baby instantly calmer.
  9. As kids we’d spend the entire day at the beach.
  10. The inspector investigated whether the crime had indeed been committed.