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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


There are two ways to pronounce L in most British English accents depending on its position within the word. Clear (light) L occurs at the start of words or syllables whereas dark (back) L occurs at the end.

The first video explains both of these then the following videos give you exercises to practise these two types of L.

L at the start of words and syllables:

light, like, live
living, Liverpool, linking
leave, leap, lease
lake, late, lane,
lamb, lamp, language,
large, lager, lard,
let, left, letter,

collect, allow, follow
influence, confluence, conflict,
apply, supply, collide
family, Emily, ugly
clever, close, clip

  1. I like living in Liverpool.
  2. Emily applied for a job as a letter writer.
  3. It wasn’t very clever to allow the chocolate to melt.
  4. I should have left that last pint of lager alone.
  5. Lily walked down the lane and left London forever.

L at the end of words and syllables:

deal, feel, heal
kill, hill, till
fool, pool, mule
ball, Paul, wall
pole, bowl, roll

always, almost
field, healed, sealed
whale, snail, female
unusual, formal, brutal

  1. Paul fell in the pool.
  2. I almost always see whales from this field.
  3. It’s unusual to feel so foolish.
  4. Bill called me to talk about culture
  5. The marks in this helmet reveal a brutal death.