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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

/k/ and /g/

/k/ and /g/ are

  • Velar (made with the back of the tongue at the back of the mouth),  
  • Plosive (makes a complete stop to the flow of air),
  • /k/ is voiceless (no vibration in the throat),  /g/ is voiced (there is vibration in the throat).

Like all plosive pairs, it is the breath that comes after the sound that is the most important difference between the pairs.

This sound is most challenging for most students at the end of words so this video focuses here.

buck – bug
chuck – chug
flack – flag
frock – frog
hack – hag
jock – jog
lock – log
pick – pig
sack – sag
tuck – tug
whack – wag


  1. Look at that frog on the log.
  2. How to pick a lock.
  3. The pink pig sat on a sack.
  4. Can you tuck the bug into bed.
  5. Pick it up.