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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

Glottal stop /ʔ/

Glottal stops are:

  • glottal (made at the vocal folds in the throat)
  • Voiceless (it is physically impossible to close and vibrate the glottis at the same time)
  • Plosive (makes a complete stop to the flow of air).

Glottal stops are very commonly used in British English even if people say them don’t like them.

There are no words in English that have a glottal stop in its “careful / correct” pronunciation but they are very common in real language.

I will be talking more about them in the videos on connected speech.

Here are some sentences to practise:

Get me a glass of water.
There’s a lot of bottles there.
I’ve got a British accent
I can’t do it
Don’t talk to them
Have you lent it to him?