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Get ready to learn: vowels
Get ready to learn: consonants
Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

Fleece /iː/ and Kit /ɪ/ vowels (Copy1707760453)

Today’s task focuses on the difference between /i/ and /ɪ/.

For lots of learners regardless of first language, this is a tricky pair to get right. There is a difference in length but also in how open the mouth is. For /i:/ the mouth is more open. If you’ve watched Vowels Made Easy you’ll understand what I mean by this. If you haven’t watched it yet, I really recommend that you do because it explains the theories behind how we say different vowel sounds.

These are your sentences to practise today:

  • I feel ill – I really shouldn’t have eaten that cheese.
  • She told me she thought she was the loneliest girl in the universe – I told her she was meladramatic.
  • Studying English literature is compulsary until age 16.
  • Apparently this is a skill anyone can learn – but I have a feeling I’m gonna be the exception that proves the rule.

Link to the Facebook video: