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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

e and æ (DRESS and TRAP) (Copy1707760355)

This video describes the differences in pairs of words like bed/bad, head/had, etc. The full word list and sentences are both in the video itself and given below it.

Video 1: How to create the difference between the sounds and individual words to practise

Video 2: DRESS and TRAP vowels in sentences

Video 3: This video includes the content of the two videos above PLUS gives individual words and sentences with /e/ and /æ/

Full list of individual words and sentences:


check, deck, neck, wreck
red, head, said, bed
edge, gem, get, met, debt, bet, let
jet, net, pet, set, wet, yet
yes, mess, guess, bless, less
rest, guest, chest, empty, edit, help,
belt, felt, melt, well, smell, bell,
excellent, egg, elbow, education
echo, effect, excited, element, elk,
Ellen, Emily, Ezra, Thames, Leicester
end, epic, errand, escape
et cetera, every, extra, example
threat, sweat, deaf, death, bread, dead, head, health, realm, meant, breast, ready, jealous, pleasant, weather, treacherous,…;
any, many, Thames, friend, says, said, Leicester, bury.

  1. Ted said I needed to give an example.
  2. Check if he needs help getting to the end.
  3. I’m excited about my guests coming.
  4. “There’s a smell on the deck and a wet mess on the floor” said the ship’s captain.
  5. I bet buying a gem that size led to a lot of debt.


tap, cat, back, batch, gaff,
math(s), mass, dash, cab, mad,
rag, badge, have, jazz,
ham, man, hang, shall, scalp, lamp,
ant, hand, thank, lapse, tax,
apple, ash, ask
Anna, Andy, Alison
Agriculture, alligator
arrow, carriage, banner, abbey, tassel, cancel, panda

  1. I’ve got a carriage booked for 3.30. Can you cancel it please.
  2. Jack sat at the back of the abbey.
  3. Andy and Alison live in Aberdeen.
  4. The cat caught the fat rat.
  5. Harry likes jazz and goes back to his favourite club often.

Mixed sentences:

  1. The panda bet his friend he was the best at maths.
  2. Walking along the River Thames is a pleasant afternoon’s activity.
  3. Harry says this method is better than that one.
  4. I was deaf to the noise of the traffic.
  5. The weather was utterly theacherous. We should have canceled the trip.
  6. I can thank my genetics for my good health.
  7. I like to have bread and ham for breakfast.
  8. The dog buried its many toys in the abbey grounds.
  9. The garden at the centre of the university is a mess.
  10. Jack pestered his grandma to buy him a badge.