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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

eɪ (FACE) (Copy1707760313)

Like GOAT, this particular vowel can have a big impact on your overall clarity in British English.


tape, late, cake, safe, case,
babe, fade, vague, age, wave, bathe, craze, name, mane, vale, change, waste;
taper, bacon, nature, station, lady, raven, invasion, April;
bass (in music), gauge, jail,
crêpe, fete, bouquet;
wait, faith, plaice, raid, nail, main, faint;
day, play, way, grey;
rein, veil, beige;
they, whey, obey;
weigh, weight, eight, straight;
reign, campaign, deign;
great, steak, break,

  1. It’s eight o’clock already – I didn’t realise it was so late in the day ,
  2. They had to choose – would they eat bacon, plaice or cake?
  3. The skies were grey as the rain came down and the day faded.
  4. I have every faith you’ll be able to win this campaign.
  5. The train waited at the station.
  6. If you want to keep safe and avoid jail, you must obey our great ruler.