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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

eə or e: (SQUARE) (Copy1707759898)

The SQUARE vowel is undergoing a process of change. You may well have been taught to pronounce this vowel as /eə/ but lots of younger speakers will now pronounce it as /e:/ instead. Choose the pronunciation which you find easiest but do try to remain consistent with it. If you’re not sure which way you should pronounce, opt for /e:/ because this is becoming the most common way to say the sound.


square, care, share, bare, share, dare, mare…;

air, fair, pair, hair, lair, upstairs…;

bear, pear, wear, swear,…;

heir, their, there, where, prayer, mayor;

scarce; parents,

vary, canary, Mary, aquarium, various, rarity, area,

Pharaoh,…; dairy, prairie, fairy,…; aerial,


  1. I don’t care what you wear but your shoulders shouldn’t be bare.
  2. Do you dare wake the sleeping bear?
  3. The exact words in their prayers vary and you should be aware of this.
  4. You shouldn’t take more than your fair share of fruit. You’ve got two pears already.
  5. Many Pharaohs have been discovered in various tombs across Egypt where they have been waiting for their ancestors to find them.
  6. Parents usually care where their children are.
  7. Mary visited the Canary Islands and met the mayor there.
  8. I swear your hairbrush wasn’t there where you left it.
  9. The hairy fairy lives in a dairy with Mary’s parents.
  10. The heir to the Baudelaire Estate inherited a rare set of square stairs.