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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

/æ/ or /ɑː/ (BATH) (Copy1707760020)

There are two common pronunciations of this vowel in the UK.

In the South-East of England and in the upper classes, this is pronounced /ɑː/. This is the same vowel as PALM. It means that “palm” and “bath” are pronounced in the same way.

In the north it’s pronounced as /æ/. This is also the US English pronunciation. This is the same as TRAP. It means “trap” and “bath” are pronounced in the same way.

You will need to decide which pronunciation you will use. Once you have decided, you’ll need to be consistent.

Here’s your video. The word lists and sentences are below it.


Most common words:

Path, after, class, fast, last, master, castle, laugh, laughter, dance, chance, France, demand, example, advantage,

  1. After the class, the students had a chance to practice their dance moves in the courtyard.
  2. His laughter echoed through the castle as he shared a funny example of his master’s sense of humour.
  3. In France, there’s a high demand for quality wine due to its advantage in the global market.
  4. The path to success may be long, but with determination, the last step is the most rewarding.
  5. Don’t miss the chance to laugh and enjoy the laughter in life; it’s a precious example of happiness.

Longer list:


brass, class, glass, grass, pass,

raft, craft, graft, daft, shaft, draft,

clasp, grasp, rasp, gasp,

blast, cast, fast, mast, aghast, last, past, contrast, vast,

ask, bask, mask, flask, cask, task,

after, rafter,

master, plaster, disaster,


basket, casket, rascal,

fasten, raspberry, ghastly, castle,

laugh, laughter, draught;

(b) dance, advance, chance, France, lance, glance, enhance, prance, trance,

grant, slant, aunt, chant, plant, advantage, vantage,

supplant, enchant,

branch, blanch, ranch, stanch,

demand, command, remand, slander, chandler,

commando, Alexander, Sandra, Flanders,

example, sample

  1. The path through the tall grass led to the vast meadow.
  2. He had a basket of ripe raspberries and a flask of water while he basked in the sunshine.
  3. As he walked along the path, he noticed a rafter of birds perched in the trees.
  4. The disastrous storm had knocked down a branch from the tree.
  5. With a loud gasp, she tried to grasp the situation but couldn’t.
  6. The brass clasp on the leather bag was beautifully crafted.
  7. After the storm passed, they went to the castle for shelter.
  8. The sudden contrast between the dark castle and the bright meadow left them aghast.
  9. She was practicing her dance moves to enhance her performance.
  10. He found it hard not to laugh at the sight of his aunt attempting to prance like a horse.