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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


  • /b/ is Bilabial (made with the lips),
  •  Voiced (there’s vibration in the throat),
  •  Plosive (makes a complete stop to the flow of air).

This makes it a pair with /p/. It’s important to control the air that comes out of the mouth after the sound is created.

Most common words that start with /b/:

baby, back, bad, bag, ball, band, bar, bathroom, be, bear, bear, beat, beautiful, because, become, bed, bedroom, beer, before, begin, behind, believe, bet, between, big, bill, bird, birthday, bit, bite, board, boat, body, boob, book, boss, both, bother, bottle, bowl, box, boy, boyfriend, buddy, build, building, bunch, burn, bus, business, busy, but, buy/by/bye

black, blood, blow, blue
brain, break, breakfast, bring, brother,

Sentences to practise:

  1. I’m busy with my business and I can’t be bothered to begin.
  2. My boyfriend has a bad back from carrying the baby.
  3. I left the bottle in the box on the bus.
  4. The beautiful boat is behind the big building.
  5. The bird bit my brother with its sharp beak.
  6. The bed should be in the bedroom.
  7. The bus drove by and left me behind.
  8. Buy a ticket and board the boat.
  9. Before we begin, let’s eat breakfast.
  10. Bye-bye, I’m too busy to play ball.