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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds

aɪ (PRICE)

The PRICE vowel in most British English accents is a diphthong – there is movement in the vowel. In many American English accents this isn’t the case – the sound is a single long vowel sound.

Words to learn:

bike, ripe, write, like, knife, ice, tribe, side, arrive, writhe, rise, time, fine, mile, fire, die, tried,…;

Friday, tiger, silent, violent, liar, science, indict, isle/I’ll, child, pint, find, ninth, final, viscount, bicycle, island,

hi-fi, chi,…;

type, try, Cyprus, hybrid, dye,;

eider, kaleidoscope, eye, height, aisle, buy, choir

fight, height, high, sign,….


  1. The child rides their bike a mile across the island.
  2. On Friday I saw a tiger try to eat some fire.
  3. The Viscount writes his ninth scientific paper.
  4. After too many pints, the drunks had a violent fight.
  5. The choir hit the highest notes on the final try.
  6. I tried to find a knife to cut the ice.
  7. Scientists created a hybrid dye.
  8. The child eyed the fire.
  9. The tide will rise when it’s time.
  10. The Highlands and Islands are a fine area for walking many miles.