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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


The STRUT vowel /ʌ/ is very similar to the unstressed schwa vowel /ə/. In fact, it’s so similar I don’t think it’s a good use of anyone’s time making them deliberately different. By this I mean, if your STRUT vowel sounds like schwa then that sounds great.

However, the issue I do sometimes hear with this one is that it is too similar to /æ/ so that’s what we’ll be focusing in on in these videos.

Single words with STRUT vowel:

cup, cut, suck, much, snuff, fuss, rush, rub, bud, jug, budge, buzz, hum, run, lung, dull, pulse, bulge, punch, lump, hunt, trunk, butter, study, punish, number, mustn’t, Guthrie,…;
done, come, love, mother, stomach, monk, tongue, onion, money, front,…;
touch, enough, young, double, southern, country,…;
blood, flood.

Strut vowel in sentences:

  1. You mustn’t cut the butter so much.
  2. The young mother studied the lump on her young baby.
  3. Don’t touch the blood on my tongue.
  4. I’d love a double southern whiskey on the rocks.
  5. Guthrie rubbed his sore lungs and made such a fuss.

Lots of learners find the difference between STRUT and TRAP, for example words like CUP and CAP difficult. If this is you, there is a separate lesson about this difference.