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Lesson 9 - Nasal sounds


Words in the LOT lexical set and in the CLOTH lexical set are pronounced the same in British English. In American English these vowels are different. This can cause confusion. If sounding British rather than American is particularly important to you, you will need to spend time making sure the vowel sound is the same in all these words.

Video 1: introduction to the sound

Video 2: Words with LOT and CLOTH vowels

Video 3: sentences with LOT/CLOTH vowels

Full list of words and sentences used in these videos:


stop, pot, sock, notch, Goth, rob, odd, cog, dodge, Tom, con, doll, solve, romp, font, copse, box, profit, possible, proverb, bother, honest, ponder;
swan, quality, yacht, wasp, watch, squabble, waffle;
knowledge, acknowledge.


off, cough, trough, broth, froth, cross, across, loss, floss, toss,
soft, croft, lost, oft, cost, frost, lost, often, soften, lofty, Australia, Austria, Austen, Austin, gone;

moth, boss, gloss, joss, moss, Ross, long, strong, wrong, gong, song, thong, tongs, throng, accost, coffee, coffer, coffin, offer, office, officer, glossy, foster, Boston, Gloucester, sausage, wash;

origin, Oregon, orange, authority, borrow, categorical, correlate, coroner, coral, florid, Florida, florist, florin, historic(al ), horrid, horrible, majority, horrify, horror, metaphoric(al),
Morris, moral, Norwich, porridge, rhetorical;
sorrow, tomorrow, sorry, Laurence/Lawrence, laurel, laureate,
quarrel, quarry, warrant, warren, warrior, Warwick.


  1. We need to acknowledge how much the cost of living has gone up.
  2. I need to stop at the florists to get some soft flowers.
  3. I’m going to buy a new yacht tomorrow.
  4. The moss on this rock is very soft.
  5. The moral of the story is, don’t say sorry if you’re not.
  6. I’ve lost the keys to my office.
  7. A wasp landed on my sausage roll and it was no longer possible for me to enjoy it.
  8. Laurence lives in Warwick but one day hopes to move to Norwich.
  9. The loss of these historical artifacts is a horrible tragedy.
  10. The Australian warrior was lost.